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In Memory of our Beloved Charlie

Our beloved Charlie passed away at the end of October 2017.  Charlie suddenly started having difficulty climbing the stairs and walking distances.

At first, our Vets considered joint problems so common among Labs and for a short time, Charlie seemed to be improving.  Further ultra-sound and x-rays revealed a very large inoperable cancerous tumor.

Daisy refused to eat for several days and after four months has still not adjusted to the loss of her best buddy.  Daisy and Charlie were always together, playing, eating and sleeping on their jumbo sized mat.

Daisy had 7 1/2 years and I enjoyed almost 15 wonderful years with a loyal, gentle and devoted companion.  Charlie is missed by us every day.

The memorial stone that I ordered on Etsy from Canada just arrived by sea mail and yesterday, friends and I placed the granite engraved stone on Charlie’s final resting place.

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