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Charlie looking for some shade
Charlie relaxing

Welcome, my name is Charlie, a typical laid back blond Labrador retriever, enjoying my quiet life until Daisy joined our family. My mom and I talked about adding a puppy to our family circle once mom retired and had time to care for me and the pup. We decided that a female Jack Russell terrier puppy would keep both of us active and happy.

While we were waiting for two litters of JRT pups to be born, mom read everything she could find on “How to choose the right puppy from the litter” and drove our Vets and breeder nuts with JRT puppy questions. I found this pretty silly since mom rescued me from the street with no questions or research just love at first sight. Humans should let us dogs select our new canine pal.

We waited anxiously for the call from our local JRT breeder to visit the new pups and select our puppy from the puppy pile. Two litters of healthy pups arrived days apart, all boys except for little Daisy, the runt, born on February 6, 2010.

I knew right away that Daisy was special. The only girl in the pile, the only tri-color puppy, the only smooth coat and half the size of her brothers and cousins. Daisy’s mom, Jackie, told me that I could look at my new pal only from a distance and that I would have to wait a month before we could get acquainted.

Daisy's 2 brothers

Daisy's brothers 21 days old

Daisy 22 days old

Daisy 21 days old

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