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Daisy's Timeline

Daisy's Timeline

Watching and helping little Daisy grow up

March 10, 2010

Daisy with her litter mates

Daisy spends most of the day playing with her 2 brothers and puppies from another litter in a large shady enclosure .  Daisy is the smallest puppy in the group but she is always on top of the puppy pile.  Daisy's mom, Jackie is very patient with all the pups and she does not seem to mind them pulling her ears, tail and play biting.    Daisy plays until she flops down on the grass for a quick nap to recharge her energy.
March 12, 2010
Daisy's puppy pen enclosure

Puppy Proofing the House

Mom started puppy proofing our home, setting up Daisy's exercise pen, small crate and toy box.  I am helping, of course, checking out all our new toys, the new matching food bowls and testing the play pen.  I tried to climb into Daisy's crate to check out the accommodations but I could only fit my head in the opening.  It looks like a tiny version of my huge crate.  I looked at all the new toys, a small version for Daisy and the jumbo version for me.  Mom let me taste Daisy's puppy chow and I also tried out the new food and water dishes.  I will sleep next to Daisy when she comes home because mom told me that Daisy will miss being with Jackie and her brothers.
March 17, 2010

First Puppy Shot

Daisy and her brothers had their first encounter with our vet Dr. Guy this morning.  Daisy is now 6 weeks old, very busy playing with her brothers and cousins.  Daisy is half the size and weight of her brothers and much more lively.
March 25, 2010

Daisy is home

Daisy is finally home and we are already busy playing with all our new toys.  Daisy checked out her new crate and joined me in my kennel.  Daisy can't join me on walks to the park until she completes all of her puppy shots and she cries when mom and I go out for walks.  Daisy cries and barks when we are not close and mom and I are sleeping on mats every night next to the puppy pen to comfort little Daisy.  Daisy likes to play in my big kennel but she does not go into her own puppy sized kennel.
April 11, 2010
Daisy on top of Charlie's kennel
My sister, Daisy has learned how to climb out of the puppy play enclosure using the rungs like a ladder.  Mom had put Daisy into the puppy pen, carefully locked the gate and went out for a few minutes.  I watched Daisy hop up on her kennel, and quickly climb up and over the playpen fence so that we could continue to play together. We were enjoying our morning game of tug of war when mom returned home.  Boy was she surprised when we both ran to greet her at the door.  Daisy was so proud of herself and she was wagging her tail like crazy to celebrate her new trick. Mom checked that the gate was locked and put Daisy back in the puppy playpen.  Daisy happily climbed up and over in seconds and we continued to play. Daisy sure hates her crate and pen and still can't join us on our outings.  Mom gave us some more tug toys and I am trying hard to burn off some of Daisy's excess energy so that we all might get a good nights sleep for a change.
May 7, 2010

Visit to the Vet

Today, mom is taking Daisy to our Vet for her final puppy shot and rabies vaccine.  I helped show Daisy how to relax with a chewy bone in her pet carrier but Daisy really was not thrilled with being in the carrier.  Daisy is wearing her new harness and leash for her first outing and in 10 days time, we will be able to go for walks together to the park.

Growing Up

Daisy can now go outside with us
May 17, 2010

Our First Outing Together

Our first walk together The big day has finally arrived.  Daisy can now join us on our walks and meet the neighborhood pets and humans.  We are all up early and eager to start our new adventure.  Mom finally managed to put wiggling Daisy into her harness and hook up our leashes.  Daisy is jumping on me and nipping at my ears and tails as we walked to the park. We just got out the door, when we meet Marcello, our friendly neighborhood cat.  I introduced Daisy and explained to Marcello that my sister is very, very excited being on her first outdoor adventure. Daisy tangled me and mom with her leash and tripped me up walking under my belly.  We waited patiently while Daisy checked out the lawn and flowers and rolled in the sand.  I rested in the shade while Daisy charged around like a spinning top and dug a hole in the flower beds.  Wow, so much energy in such a small package.
growing up
July 18, 2010

Puppy School

Daisy started puppy school this morning along with her brother Jack.  Daisy is the smallest and smartest puppy in her group.  Daisy and I get to practice her new commands, like sit, stay and down, every morning and afternoon.  Daisy understands the commands in both Hebrew and English and I am learning the Hebrew commands watching little Daisy.  Mom got us mini cheese flavored dog biscuits for rewards and I get to eat 4 biscuits to Daisy's one biscuit.  I have to wait while Daisy attacks her treat, rolls on the floor and lets the biscuit fall out of her mouth several times before she finally eats her treat.  It sure is funny watching Daisy pounce and bounce with her little mini biscuit.
growing up
July 28, 2010

Daisy is Spayed

Daisy is home from the Vet after her operation and she is sleeping in her basket while mom and I watch over her.  I am not allowed to play with Daisy for a few days until she has her stitches removed.  Mom put a yellow jacket on Daisy and she seems to like showing off her new coat. My little sister is becoming more like Miss Daisy and less like crazy Daisy most of the time.   In the evening Lazy Daisy smuggles next to me on our big mat to watch some TV with mom.
growing up
August 8, 2010

Business as usual

Daisy has her stitches out and we can play tug of war once again.  I really missed playing with my sister during the past 10 days and really need the exercise.  We have 3 new toys that arrived in the mail this morning and we are going to test them out after lunch.  We will see if the "toys are indestructible" as claimed by the internet pet shop.  I like to pull and lift Daisy while we both chew on an end of a toy.  Together we have managed to destroy almost every brand and kind of dog toy on the market while having a blast doing it.
growing up


January 15, 2011

Beginning Home Improvements

Daisy and I left home this morning to stay with Aviv at his private boarding kennel before the start of major home improvements.  I heard our contractor, Shai, tell mom that the project will be completed in two weeks.  Daisy and I really hope that our kennel stay will be short. Daisy is already busy playing with her mom, Jackie, her dad, Choco, and brother Jack.  Daisy and Jack are each pulling one of Jackie's ears while I meet and greet all the puppies in the back yard. Mom came to visit us this afternoon and showed us a picture of home improvement status at the end of day one.
February 3, 2011

Finally Back Home

We are all finally back home in time to celebrate Daisy's 1st birthday  Daisy and I have just finished inspecting the home improvements and love having much more room to play and run around.  We still have assorted workmen coming and going to finish up odds and ends and they all enjoy playing with me and Daisy.  Daisy leaps into Shai, our contractors arms when she is not too busy borrowing tools to hide in her kennel. Our new shower doors have not been installed so Daisy and I just had dry baths to freshen up for Daisy's party.  Daisy celebrated in first birthday and we both received new toys, collars and leads for this special occasion.  Some of mom's human friends came over and we all had a grand time playing fetch and tug. We visited the local Art Fair down at the beach and Daisy flirted with anybody who stopped to pet her.  I don't understand why everyone at the Art Market called Daisy, Milo or Eddy, the JRT actor from the movie "The Mask" or the TV show called Fraiser.  We all had a great day out with mom after being away from home for two long months. Daisy was so tired when we got back home that she fell asleep in the middle of our game of tug of war.
May 2, 2011
Charlie resting in Daisy's basket

Tight Fit

I decided to try out my little sister's basket this morning.   Daisy is always playing and sleeping in my big kennel so I figured it would be okay to take a nap in her basket.  A bit snug but quite comfortable.
June 16, 2011

Wow we have new toys

Mom just came home from the Post Office with our new toys.  Daisy and I are trying to help mom open the box and remove the labels from our stuffed animals and plastic bottle cover. Mom put a plastic water bottle into the cruncher cover and handed me the toy for a durability test.  Daisy joined the fun and together we totaled 3 bottles, made lots of noise and had a blast chasing each other around the house. Next we tried to rip apart the big raccoon with the long bushy tail.  We pulled each other around the room, chewed on the head and tail and tried to surgically remove the squeaker.  The HuggleHound extra tough toy has so far withstood our best efforts but we promise to continue the battle.  Our raccoon sheds fluffy black hair which blends nicely with Daisy's tri-color coat and my soft honey color coat. We have not had time to tackle the green goughnut chew toy.  Daisy is using the green ring as a portable chin rest at the moment.
June 22, 2011

A week of toy testing

Daisy and I have just finished testing the durability of our new toys.  Daisy demonstrated her prey drive by shredding our raccoon all over the living room.  We have to wait until mom can find us some more plastic bottles for our cruncher cover and we still are trying to chew the goughnut green ring. Daisy and I have successfully destroyed the bottle cruncher cover and have rejected the green goughnut chew toy. Our new udder tugs parcel should arrive this week and we shall begin our durability test immediately. We asked mom to donate the goughnut to our good friend Speedy who loves chew toys. Speedy loves the green ring and we are glad that the goughnut found a good home.
July 11, 2011

Udder Tug Toys

Our toy box was almost empty after Daisy and I finished testing and destroying our toys so we sure were happy to receive our new udder tugs early this morning.  The rubber tugs smell like car tires or maybe dairy barns which just adds to our enjoyment.  The rubber is super strong so I can lift Daisy up in the air and carry her all over the house.  Daisy likes to swing the tug with the red rope and hit me in the head while I am napping after a hard day of play. We are only playing in the house with the air conditioning running full blast.  It is 43 celsius (109 F) outside during most of the day and cools off at night to 33 celsius  (91 F) so we only go out with mom for short walks.
August 25, 2011

Noisy new football toy

Daisy is having such a good time running with our new football toy.  It is big enough for us both to chomp down on each end to make it squeak loudly and it is strong enough for a serious game of tugging each other around the house. Mom ordered us some more toys from Helping Udders and a new collar and lead for me.  Daisy asked for a new rubber ball with a tug rope and I asked for the new Chewber toss and tug toy.  We both need a replacement tug of war doll so mom ordered us a five legged extra strong Pentapull with several squeakers for extra fun and noise. Now we have to wait until our parcel arrives from the United States.
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